Open Source Real Estate IDX Website Construction Services

We will build your new real estate website based on WordPress and our pre-certified WordPress Themes for $599. Unlike other real estate website vendors, we do not call this “Design”, simply because the design is based on the design of the client’s theme/template selection, which may only allow for limited customization. We can do a limited amount of custom graphics design. See our Custom Services page. We can also put our clients in touch with professional graphics designers for custom logos, complex header graphics, and other design needs. The Standard $599 Package Includes:

  • One hour initial consultation
  • Installation of latest WordPress release onto cPanel server on a client specified cPanel hosting service.
  • Installation of the Weaver Xtreme pre-tested and certified WP theme.
  • Installation of your existing company logo and header graphics.
  • Consultation and implementation of client specified custom color scheme throughout site. This would be based on any of the several pre-configured Weaver Xtreme child themes, plus minor color “tweaks” as needed.
  • Installation of a standard set of compatibility tested and certified 3rd party open source plugins for SEO, sitemap generation, contact forms, anti-spam “captcha”, site backup/restore and other support / admin functions.
  • Build a basic “About Us” page, a “Contact” page with anti-spam “captcha” contact form, and build main site navigation top menu with links to Home page, About page and Contact page.
  • Installation of Google Analytics tracking code for client’s existing Google Analytics account.
  • Installation and configuration of robots.txt and .htaccess files for SEO management and access security.
  • Conversion of existing website home page and home page SEO tags.
  • Two hours hands-on training on website maintenance and enhancement procedures, pre- or post- implementation.
  • 30 days telephone and email support for anything we have installed as a part of this service.

Timeline: Typically within 3-5 business days after order for a basic setup in a MLS market where the MyBuyingBuddy IDX already supports that MLS. About 45-60 days for any new market where MyBuyingBuddy IDX is not already available. The client is welcome to observe and actively participate in implementation and conversion if they wish.

Contact us for discussion and a custom project quote.