Real Estate IDX Website Vendor Comparison

For the purposes of this comparison, we have used our websites, with integrated UIDX IDX, and compared our package pricing to that of two other vendors who offer comparable websites, from a functionality standpoint, even though, in the case of the Blue Fire websites with their framed IDX, the ultimate SEO benefits are not really comparable.

Other vendor pricing was obtained from their websites as of 9/9/2009, and are subject to change, as well as special promotions that the vendors may be running from time to time.

Example IDX Website Project Pricing

Typical WordPress Website with UIDX Integrated IDX

  • Build / Install new WordPress Open Source website with $599
    pre-certified Weaver II Pro WordPress Theme and sub-theme per client preferences
  • Transfer up to 50 pages from existing site to new site $450
  • UIDX Integrated IDX Implementation support services $250
  • UIDX Single Agent one time setup fee $250
  • Total: $1,499

Compare to Other IDX Wensite Vendors

Blue Fire Sites “Power” Site with BuyingBuddy IFramed IDX

  • Available in limited Colorado and adjoining states MLS markets
  • Build and install proprietary Blue Fire Power Site w/MBB IDX $750
  • Transfer up to 50 pages from existing site to new site $450
  • Total: $1,200
  • Non-integrated IDX – Minimal SEO benefits

Blue Fire Sites “Premium” Site with BuyingBuddy IFramed IDX

  • Build and install proprietary Blue Fire Premium Site w/MBB IDX $20,000
    (Note: Blue Fire shows two different prices: $6,600 and $20,000, on
    different pages of their website. The higher price was used for this
    comparison as it seems to be the latest and more accurate number.)
  • Transfer up to 50 pages from existing site to new site $450
  • Total: $20,450

Real Estate Webmasters Template Site with Integrated Custom IDX

  • Estimates based on REW published pricing on their website as of 9/9/2009
  • Build / Install proprietary REW website w/ basic REW template $700
    (Add $8000-$10000 for REW LEC2 or LEC3. LEC1 and LEC4 are already sold
    out and are no longer available to agents/brokers in the Denver market)
  • Transfer 50 pages from old website to new website, custom quote $1,000 (est)
    (Estimated minimum based on 5 pages/hr, 50 pages = 10 hours @ $100/hr)
  • REW basic “core” template IDX, one-time setup fee $2,500.
    The REW “core” IDX is typically pretty basic, and lacks many of the advanced UIDX features.
  • Additional custom IDX programming by REW to match UIDX baseline IDX functionality $7,500 (est)
    (Estimate based on 75 hours @$100/hr. Final cost could be more or less.)
  • Other REW “add-on” components, required to match standard WordPress or
    Joomla and UIDX functionality:
    • Quick Search Module (UIDX Standard) $300
    • Featured Listings Module (WP Widget, Standard) $300
    • XML IDX Sitemap Generator (Supported by free WP plugin on WP sites) $500
    • Drag & Drop Page Manager (Standard WP Functionality) $200
    • 301 Redirect Tool (Direct .htaccess standard with UIDX hosting) $200
    • Search engine friendly dropdown menu (Standard in WP) $300
    • Featured Areas Callout (Standard WP Menu Module) $300
  • Total for equivalent of UIDX functionality on REW template website: $13,800
    (Important: Keep in mind that all quotes from REW are estimates only, and that
    the final project cost may be more, possibly significantly more, than their original
    estimate. They charge a flat $120/hr for actual time, regardless of original quote!)