Payment Terms

  • IDX Vendor Pass-Through fees are payable directly to Vendor by CC charges when your website and IDX go live. See their website for details.
  • MLS IDX/RETS setup and monthly IDX fees are payable directly to the applicable MLS per their current terms and conditions. Any additional monthly IDX fees assessed to IDX Vendor by the MLS will be added to their base monthly fees.
  • Monthly plugin license fees, annual support fees, and other recurring fees:
    Please use the PayPal recurring payment setup menu and links on this page.
  • Custom Project Design/Consultation Fee is due at the time consultation is booked.
    Please use PayPal link on this page to place your order for custom project design and consultation.
  • All Other consulting / programming / setup fees are due as follows:
    • Upon order or approval of custom project quote: 50% of project quote or fee.
    • Upon completion / delivery of custom project: Remaining 50% of project quote or fee.