Custom Real Estate IDX Website Services

  • Real Estate IDX Website Consulting
  • Real Estate IDX Website Custom Programming
  • Real Estate IDX Website Content Development
  • General Real Estate IT and Web Consulting and Training

Standard Services with Fixed Fees

  • In-depth review of current agent/broker website design, content, basic functionality, IDX functionality, standards compliance, and on-page SEO factors, with written report of results: $150.
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools setup and training for website performance tracking: $150. We do this hands-on and side-by-side with the client.
  • Compatibility test and certify proposed WP theme: $100 per theme. This fee is non-refundable regardless of final compatibility results. WP themes that we have not pre-certified may not be compatible with all of the plugins we install. We install the vendor standard release of the proposed new theme on our development website and perform a number of compatibility tests. The results determine if the proposed theme is suitable and will work with the other website features.
  • Install and tailor CSS of new WP theme for existing WP website: $250 per theme. This fee is refundable if implementation is not successful due to something we missed during compatibility testing. “Skinning” the theme to match an existing WP website also requires significant work and exhaustive testing.
  • Move an existing WP website to different hosting service: $250.
  • Update WordPress version on existing site. Could easily be done by client: $50 per update.
  • Basic on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services: $25/page or by custom site quote. We do not do or offer off-page SEO, ie: blogging, social media, link building, etc. That is each client’s sole responsibility. Basic on-page SEO services include:
    • Review and minor modification to content for SEO, spelling and grammar if needed.
    • Build custom SEO tags based on current page content.
    • Provide written recommendations for further content enhancement.

Special Projects

All special projects involve several phases:

  • We sit down (or consult by phone) with the client to gather and document their requirements and specifications. This could take anywhere from one to three hours. We charge a flat $150 Custom Project Design Consultation fee for this phase, whether or not the project is approved to proceed.
  • We prepare a detailed written project plan with a “not to exceed” quote. Our custom project fees are $80/hr, and the project cost is based on that rate.
  • If the client approves the project, a deposit equal to 50% of the project quote is paid up front, prior to project start up, and the project work then begins.
  • Upon project completion, a final bill is prepared, based on the lesser of actual hours expended at $80/hr, or the quoted “not to exceed” project price, and the client pays the final balance.

This process is very fair for the client, as the client never pays more than the originally quoted project cost, regardless of how long it may take, and never more than for the hours we actually spend, if that is less than we originally estimated.

Purchase Custom Project Design Consultation

If you are ready for us to do a custom project design consultation for you, please use the PayPay payment link below to get started:

Some of the available special project services include:

  • Simple website graphics design and construction. We can refer you to professional graphic designers for more complex requirements.
  • Design and programming of custom WordPress plugins and widgets for special functions, if required.
  • Analysis and construction of 301 redirects from old web pages to new pages for appropriate SEO page rank transfer.
  • Google AdWords PPC setups and optional monthly campaign management. This may be needed to drive short term traffic and lead generation until SEO benefits kick in, or for websites that do not have a fully integrated IDX and are having problems generating organic search traffic and leads on their own, and/or for specific targeted keywords and phrases.
  • Other custom real estate website and computer consultation and programming services. Just ask!

Contact us for discussion and a custom project quote.