About Our Showcase Website

These pages are intended to provide other brokers and agents who may be interested in a website similar to our showcase website, with technical information about the site and its capabilities. Some of the information is very general, and some is more technical. If you find yourself getting lost in the technical stuff, that’s where we come in: to help you get a similar real estate website up and producing leads for you without having to deal with the technicalities yourself!

General Information

  • Built on WordPress (Currently v. 4.4.x). WordPress was originally a blogging software platform, but has matured significantly over the past few years. It is now also a pretty good CMS (Content Management System) when combined with a few additional plugins. Due to its relative simplicity and great flexibility, as well as it’s capabilities as a strong blogging platform and its low cost (free, open source), WordPress has become a favorite platform for affordable yet powerful real estate websites.
  • Fully and tightly integrated with and hosted by UltimateIDX. This is an IDX and RETS capable advanced real estate search product, with support for single agent, small office / team, and large office versions depending on your needs. See their website.
  • In process of conversion of IDX to MyBuyingBuddy, very similar to UIDX in functionality and cost. This should be completed early January 2016, possibly sooner. Watch for latest news on this switch, or call us for discussion and online demo.
  • UIDX: Highly customized and proprietary IDX search forms, search summary results and property details pages, all fully mobile responsive. These started out as basic “as delivered” UIDX templates and capabilities, which we have invested hundreds of hours in extensive customization to support all MLS provided data elements, and our own design and preferences for the layouts. These can and have been further customized for other brokers needs and preferences and multiple MLS markets.
  • The “Weaver Xtreme” theme, essentially “out of the box”, and with a simple sub-theme. This theme is fully mobile device responsive, supports WordPress Mult-site configurations, and comes with a wide variety of pre-configured sub-themes that provide many color and layout options to suite individual tastes.
  • Lots of 3rd party WordPress plugins, including (See WordPress.org for details):
    • Add Descendants As Submenu Items (WordPress custom menu enhancement)
    • cForms (Contact form, Home Valuation Request form, others)
    • CMS Tree Page View (Organize and manage lots and lots of content pages)
    • Google XML Sitemaps (Builds xml site maps for Google and other search engines)
    • NextGEN Gallery (Used to manage gallerys of photos / images for “Featured Listings”)
    • No Page Comment (Turns off WordPress standard commenting system for select pages)
    • Page Security by Contexture (Implements a “role” based security scheme for accessing site content)
    • Platinum SEO Pack (Allows creation of flexible meta tags for better SEO, with low overhead, and key to our “Smart Pages” php code and implementation)
    • Shortcode Exec PHP (Builds custom WordPress “shortcodes” for frequently used functions)
    • Simple Real Estate Pack (Extends our subdivision “Smart Pages”)
    • Spam Free WordPress (Filters comments and pingbacks and blocks spam entries – essential!)
    • TinyMCE Advanced (Advanced content editor. Supports custom theme css for a true “WYSIWYG editor experience)
    • Widget Logic (Customize which pages widgets appear on, such as my many small menus)
    • WP Realtime Sitemap (Provides a user friendly and readable site map page for the site)
    • … a few others, to be listed later
  • Our own proprietary “Smart Pages” Plugin, which provides nearly effortless content generation for city/town master pages, city/town property type specific pages, subdivision pages and featured listings pages and widgets. Using our “Smart Pages” technology, which is available to only one client per major market area, a large, complex and SEO friendly website can be implemented relatively easily and with minimum effort. For markets where this plugin has already been contracted, a simpler “IDX Include” plugin is available to incorporate basic IDX search results and property details content into WordPress pages.
  • Our own proprietary “Create Communities” plugin. This optional add-on to the “Smart Pages” plugin adds the ability to automatically add all subdivisions with active listings as child pages to any city / property type page. This greatly increases page content on the website, with virtually no effort!
  • Our own proprietary “Agent Roster” plugin, which allows teams and brokerages to easily add agent rosters to the website, and automatically includes each agent’s active listings on their  personal roster page.

The time and effort to find, implement, test and customize all of these WordPress plugins was a major task! In all, including basic WordPress installation and configuration, integration of the UltimateIDX product (not including my proprietary customization), and installation and testing of the theme and 3rd party plugins, we have spent over 100 hours just building this site’s infrastructure. You can take advantage of our experience for your new site. Now that we have done it, we can build a comparable site for you in under 12 hours, minus the hundreds of pages of content of course! That’s extra, or you can do it yourself or hire a content writer after we train you how, or you can add our proprietary “Smart Pages” plugins to ease the process!

Call us for pricing details! (Phone number at top of page)