Requirements and Implementation

This is a bundled and fully integrated package of all our WordPress plugins. This package currently supports the MyBuyingBuddy IDX plugin product for WordPress, for which we are an authorized reseller. If you are currently licensed for any of our older plugin(s) for the UltimateIDX support, we will be upgrading your plugin version to the newest one with MyBuyingBuddy support at no additional cost to you.

Due to the complexity and power of this plugin package, it is not recommended for single agent sites, and we no longer offer it for single agent installations. The websites the plugin is implemented for should support at least a team of multiple agents, and/or be a brokerage office site. If your needs are simpler that this, then we would be happy to discuss setting you up with a single agent website with MyBuyingBuddy IDX support, either on your current WordPress site, or one we would build for you, and either hosted whit the service you are on now, or on our SEO and highly performance optimized hosting service in Denver.


Installation and upgrades of all of our plugins will be much easier than before, but still not totally foolproof, and still require our support and assistance, which is included in the fees in the Project Quote we would send you after our initial discussions about your needs.


If you or your current webmaster has already done this, or you can do it yourself, that’s great! If not, we can assist with some or all of these tasks if needed, at our nominal hourly consulting rate. Most new sites would take about 2-3 hours to get set up.
  • Select and purchase a domain name and point its DNS server settings to a website Linux cPanel hosting service. If you would be using an existing domain and cPanel hosting service already in place, all the better. The domain can be registered at GoDaddy, but the hosting cannot be at GoDaddy!
  • Order MyBuying Buddy WordPress Plugin, specifying CMS Real Estate Sites as your MBB Reseller/Developer on the MBB online order form.  (You must do this yourself as your MLS IDS and credit card info will be required at this time)
  • Provide your assigned CMSRES consultant with cPanel admin access credentials for your website for installation.
  • Using cPanel Database Wizard tool, create a new database to house your website and WordPress platform. Record database name, user and password.
  • Download and install basic WordPress system, if not already in place. You will need the database name, user name and password from previous step to do this.
  • Provide your CMSRES consultant with a new dedicated WP user ID with admin rights (for our use as long as you have and use our plugin)
  • Download, Install and Activate MyBuyingBuddy. Get your site’s ACID and API codes from MBB LAC.
  • Configure a few MBB Plugin Options, including ACID. (We can help if needed). Do NOT create any MBB Pages yet!

CMSRES Plugin First Time Installation for New Site

(Included in our initial setup and configuration fee as shown on your CMSRES Project Quote)
  • Using cPanel and WP Admin, download and install CMSRES Bundles, in the following order:
    (Client can observe / participate via Mikogo screen sharing if desired. About 1 hour)
    • CMSRES Weaver Xtreme Theme Bundle, and activate CMSRES Weaver Xtreme child theme.
    • CMSRES Integrated Third Party WordPress Plugins Bundle, and activate these minimum plugins:
      • CMS Tree Page View (Required to manage large number of pages and complex page structures created by the Create Commmunities plugin).
      • Custom Field Template (Optional. Supports creation and maintenance of WP custom fields for some Smart Pages).
      • DB Table Editor (Required to view and manage CMSRES Smart Pages tables without cPanel access).
      • Weaver Xtreme Plus and Weaver Xtreme Theme Support (Required for mobile device responsive Smart Pages and provides several minimum and useful functions that are required even when CMSRES plugins are is not activated.
      • Widget Logic (Required to manage which pages certain menus and widgets are to be displayed on).
    • CMSRES Real Estate Plugins Bundle, and activate it. On initial activation, our plugins will automatically:
      • Verify site license and implement appropriate site, IDX vendor and MLS feed options.
      • Create several new CMSRES database tables and load them with default values.
      • Create the Admin and Pagetype Template pages, and load them with default content.
      • Create minimum default MBB pages for results, listing, search form and map search pages, with appropriate MBB shortcodes.
      • Record successful first time activation.

Final Configuration and Client and Client Webmaster Familiarization

  • Using WP Admin and with Mikogo screen sharing, in consultation and with client participation:
    • In WP Dashboard, on CMSRES Real Estate Settings page, make choices about plugin options and what will be included on various “Smart Pages”.
    • Demonstrate and explain CMSRES WP page structures and content, plugin interactions with WordPress.
    • In WP Admin, configure the Pagetypes table per client selections of property type pages to be used.
    • Complete configuration of client’s MBB LAC options and settings, including transfer of some to CMSRES options.
    • Create Cities database entries for the cities in your market area, and one or two initial County pages.
    • Using plugin Admin functions, have it automatically create the new city and county pages and subpages.
    • Access the new City/County pages on the site while logged in as WP Admin user, to create new subdivisions pages by property type for one or two cities, as a demonstration of how that is accomplished..
    • Review newly created CMSRES page structures in WP Admin, using CMS Tree Page View.
    • Demonstrate DB Table Editor processes for managing Cities and Communities tables.
    • Demonstrate basic subdivision page management techniques using Subdivision Review and Delete pages.
    • Demonstrate usage of Admin Proptype Templates to manage content generated for in city and County Proptype pages.
    • Assist client with any other configuration settings, installation of 3rd party WP plugins for Google Analytics, AdWords tracking, page caching for fast page loading, etc.