Custom Real Estate Plugins for WordPress

We can provide our consulting clients with any of the below custom programmed plugins, and can also modify and customize these and most other 3rd party plugins to client specifications, provided the license for the plugin to be customized allows it. These are specialty plugins that require at least some custom installation support. Therefore, they are not free, open source or freeware. We have invested hundreds of hours in development of these advanced plugins, for a very small and limited audience. Every case and every implementation is different, so we will usually have to personally install and customize these plugins for each site’s specific needs, including building custom css for each site’s theme. For this reason, these plugins will never be available from the plugins library or any other file sharing site. MLS and Markets Currently Supported:

  • Denver: REColorado/Metrolist MLS
  • Northern Colorado: IRES MLS
  • Kansas City Metro: Heartland MLS
  • Northern Texas: NTREIS MLS
  • Washington DC, VA, WV and MD: MRIS MLS
  • Any other market and MLS supported by MyBuyingBuddy WP integrated IDX products

Contact us for additional details, pricing and no obligation discussion of your specific needs.

Our Currently Available WordPress Plugins Include:

IDX Include

This plugin provides several simple and easy to use WordPress shortcodes for including IDX search summary results from any of the supported IDX products, using a variety of common search criteria. The IDX content can be summary search results in list or grid formats, one or more “mini-results” for agent or office featured listings in sidebar or footer widgets, or specific featured property details. It also includes basic site IDX configuration functions and options management functions required by our other plugins. As such, it is a basic prerequisite for our other advanced IDX content generation plugins shown below.

The on-page property details and summaries displayed by this plugin use the same layouts, css and MLS compliant content as any normal search done by your IDX product, and no IDX data manipulation is allowed or performed by the plugin, so full MLS compliance is assured, even for listings belonging to other offices. The special shortcode provided for inserting one or more featured listings into widgets is limited to listings belonging to the broker or agent’s office ID since there is generally no room for the normally required MLS disclaimer text in most widget positions.

Smart Pages

This plugin implements our proprietary “Smart Pages” real estate content generators. It was specifically designed for use on MyBuyingBuddy IDX based real estate websites, but it could also be customized to support other IDX feeds and vendor specific search page links and IDX content to client specifications. The parameters for the content of each page are set up with shortcode parameters plus WP custom fields. It is designed to provide customizable (via php program code modifications) and search engine friendly smart page content and on-page IDX search links for three types of pages:

  • Standardized City/Town general information pages
  • Standardized City/Town/Neighborhood property type specific pages
  • Standardized Subdivision specific pages
  • Special plugin configuration pages for site specific parameters

Because of the serious SEO power of pages created by this plugin, it will generally only be offered for one broker or agent site in any particular major market area. It is no longer available in Denver, Dallas, DC, or Montgomery County MD for that reason.

This plugin may also be available in the future to support WordPress websites that use other IDX products for their IDX/RETS database searches. If you are interested in being a “beta” website for any other WordPress compatible integrated IDX product, please contact us!

Create Communities

This an optional, extra cost companion plugin to our “Smart Pages” plugin. It adds even more SEO power by automatically creating individual community/subdivision pages on the WordPress site, under the applicable city/town property type pages, with virtually no effort on the part of the website owner. Each subdivision page uses the “Smart Pages” subdivision page shortcode to automatically generate page content, including IDX search results for all listings in the subdivision. With the MyBuyingBuddy product, results can optinally be displayed on maps. In MLS markets where Sold data is available and is subscribed to by Client is applicable, Sold data can also be optionally displayed on subdivision pages.

In markets where there are hundreds or thousands of subdivisions, the SEO enhancement potential is huge!

Agent Roster

This plugin allows site owners to create a master agent roster page, and sub-pages for each agent in their team or brokerage. The master roster page automatically includes agent photos and summaries from each agent’s personal roster page. Each agent’s personal page includes a larger agent photo, a detailed agent profile with all agent contact information, plus all active listings belonging to that agent. For IDX products that include this capability in their multi-user versions, this plugin may not be necessary. However, if your IDX product is NOT multi-user, or your IDX product does not provide this capability, even its multi-user versions, and you still want to have this capability for your website, then this plugin would be the one you need. See this example on our Showcase website. With the MyBuyingBuddy multi-agent site subscription, the MBB product provides this functionality, so this plugin is not needed.

Galleria Photo Gallery

This plugin is a highly customized version of the Galleria jQuery code library, implemented as a simple WordPress plugin and shortcode. Because it has no image management capabilities of its own, It uses and relies upon images stored in and managed by a standard version of the Nextgen Gallery plugin to display a user friendly photo gallery for your featured listings on a WordPress website. This is the same code we use in our advanced IDX details page templates for our clients and ourselves. For listings that are included by the IDX Include Featured Listings function, this plugin is not required. However it is required and used by our own Featured Property plugin. See demo here.

DS2MBB Shortcode Emulator

This plugin implements an emulation of the shortcodes and parameters commonly used on many WordPress real estate websites that use the Diverse Solutions dxIDXPress plugin to embed search engine friendly IDX content into WordPress pages and posts. It is a specialized and basic version of our IDX Include plugin, described above.

It parses and translates the DS idx-listings shortcode parameters into the shortcode syntax and search url structure that the MyBuyingBuddy IDX product uses to embed its IDX content, such as IDX search summary results, into WordPress pages and posts. It can also be custom programmed to emulate or replace shortcodes used by other WordPress integrated IDX products.

Call for pricing and/or customization quote for various MLSs and situations. See more details here.