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REALTORS® – Put Our Website Experience to Work for You

We use our many years of general computer and real estate website consulting experience, plus over 10 years of real estate direct sales experience, to help other real estate agents and brokers build search engine friendly real estate websites, not only in our own Denver market, but also nationwide. Our websites are based on WordPress open source CMS platforms, with optional integrated IDX and lead management tools, or your choice of framed IDX solutions. IDX integrated websites have proven to be effective for generating real estate leads, all from organic search engine results, in as little as 4-6 months, without having to rely on buying leads or buying expensive “pay per click” advertising. We also offer Google AdWords PPC setup services for Realtors if you would like to start generating traffic and leads immediately, until the SEO benefits of an IDX integrated website kick in, or if you choose to utilize a framed IDX and want to generate additional traffic and leads.

What Makes Our Real Estate IDX Websites Different

Some of the key differences between our websites and those offered by most other real estate website vendors include:

We are not a “generic” or “template” real estate website vendor.

We can help brokers and agents in any market. Our preferred IDX vendor, MyBuyingBuddy, provides MLS/IDX/RETS solutions for many other MLS markets, so an integrated IDX on open source platforms with our advanced plugins is also available in those markets. Call us for details and a discussion of your specific needs.

Our website solutions are based on the popular and powerful WordPress open source content management systems.

This means that you totally control your entire website architecture, not just the page content you create, other than the IDX. The WordPress platform allows you to choose from hundreds of open source and commercial plugins for website content and functionality enhancements. New plugins are becoming available all the time.

You own, manage and totally control your web site.

This includes the domain name, the CMS platform, all site design and contents, and your email addresses. Since you have open source licenses for everything, you can even modify the CMS programming and CSS (design and styles). This means you can hire an experienced programmer or website designer to make custom design and programming modifications for your site, and you own the final code, forever. Most other integrated IDX and other proprietary website vendors retain ownership of all programming they do for you on their platform, even if you pay for it! That means they have you “hooked”. If and when you change website vendors, any custom work they may have done for you stays with them. You can’t take it with you.

You own. manage and control your domain’s email addresses.

No more requesting new email addresses from the website vendor, and no need for them to manage your websites email addresses. Since the website vendor does not setup or manage your email, privacy and confidentiality of your communications is assured.

We strongly recommend GoDaddy for domain name registrations, partly because of their web-based email and support, including the availability of an inexpensive email hosting package with up to 100 email addresses. GoDaddy email addresses can be linked to any GoDaddy domain you may own, and are also easily integrated with Outlook or with Thunderbird open source email.

Hosting your email address on your own domain name, instead of using a generic non-branded Yahoo, MSN, Gmail or AOL address, is also a strong indicator to consumers that you are fully committed to your real estate business and brand. If you have been using your brokerage domain for email, switching to your own domain name for your email now also avoids business disruption if you decide to change brokerages or go independent some time down the road.

Through our preferred IDX vendor, we can provide a totally integrated, powerful, search engine friendly and MLS approved IDX solution.

We use the MyBuyingBuddy IDX product, and consider it to be one of the most powerful and consumer friendly IDX solutions currently available in any of the many markets it supports. Because of the advanced architecture and capabilities of this fully integrated IDX/RETS solution, you may be able to eliminate one or mor other products you currently have, such as Wise Agent or other lead management and CRM products. However, you still own and control your WordPress site, its architecture and all plugins and contents, utilizing the powerful cPanel website management, file management and database tools.

You can use your current framed IDX vendor solution if you prefer.

We can also help you integrate your current framed IDX solution with your new CMS Real Estate Sites open source website.

We do not block you from uploading whatever content you wish to make available to your users.

This includes Word document files, PDF files, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, audio files, videos, virtual tours, etc. Anything you can upload with a ftp program, or with WordPress, you can upload to and display on your web site. Utilizing this capability, you can provide secure, password protected folders on your website for your transaction files and documents, granting client, title and lender access rights that you control. Most other real estate website vendors severely limit what you can upload to your website, and do not allow you to manage access rights. However, with power also comes responsibility. Since you are the registered domain owner and website owner, anything you upload is entirely your own responsibility, no one else! Compliance with your web hosting vendor’s Terms of Service is also your sole responsibility.

We do not force you to use our website templates.

You may also choose from hundreds of free and commercially available WordPress themes. We can tailor any one of them for your choice of color schemes, included in our base setup fee. However, using our pre-certified and customized Weaver Xtreme theme or sub-theme does greatly simplify the implementation process, and guarantees mobile device compatibility and responsiveness. Testing and certification of any new themes that we have not already certified will be at a nominal extra charge. We will also be testing and adding new mobile responsive WordPress themes to our pre-certified library from time to time.

We install a package of pre-tested and fully compatible 3rd party plugins for you.

For WordPress sites, these include SEO tools, XML sitemap generator, advanced menu management and display tools, a spam-free contact form tool, and others. All of this is included in our basic website setup fee. We can also help you choose and install any other open source or commercial 3rd party plugin you may need for your new website.

Rapid Deployment

If you choose to use one of our tested and pre-certified themes, your new website can be installed, configured and up and running in as little as 3-5 business days with your current framed IDX, or 2-3 weeks with the fully integrated IDX solution from MyBuyingBuddy. Custom themes you may choose may take a bit longer to certify and configure for you.

Hands-On Personalized Training

We teach you how to use and manage your finished website, as we have constructed it for you, and we provide 30 days of free support by telephone and email for any questions you may have.

Can you handle something this powerful and flexible?

Depending on the platform and options you select, our final website environment may be more complex than most agents may want to deal with. However, these websites are ideal for those agents, teams and brokers who are serious about their internet presence and search engine optimization. When built with the MyBuyingBuddy integrated IDX, these websites allow you to provide your consumer clients with exceptional home search capabilities. They also provide some of the best lead generation and management tools and website SEO capabilities that are available today, all for under $2,000 in total initial investment, a real bargain when compared to $12,000 or more compared to any other vendor’s website with an integrated IDX and other comparable functionality and strong SEO capabilities

See our showcase Denver real estate website in action!

See how this all works together at our live showcase: Denver real estate website. If prompted for a login email address, which is required for certain features, do not register. Instead, login using: anyone @ Please do not edit or change any of the profile settings! Read more about this website and other websites we have built and/or supported.

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